The Irish folk duo Hudson Taylor, which consists of brothers Harry and Alfie Hudson Taylor, made their first debut EP, “Battles” in 2012, which peaked at No.1 on the Irish version of iTunes and No.14 on UK’s version of iTunes. That same year, they also released their second EP “Cinematic Lifestyle,” then within the next year they released a third “Osea.” This fall, they have been on tour with Hozier.

In September, Hudson Taylor released a mini album called Bear Creek to Dame Street, which included prior released songs, “You Don’t Wanna Know,” “One in a Million,” ”I Love You and You Don’t Even Know,” and ”Shot Someone.”  

“Our new album or mini album as we call it Bear Creek to Dame Street, we see it as two sides like a vinyl,” Alfie told uInterview in and exclusive interview. “So the first side we recorded in Bear Creek Studios in Seattle and that’s four or five new songs that we’ve written over the last couple of years, and then the second side is live material that we took from our first album that we released… so that’s the idea behind it. The second half was recorded live in one of our favorite venues in the world in Dublin and that’s the Olympia Theatre on Dame Street, that’s where the name kinda comes about. It’s a mixture of new recordings that we spent six weeks in the studio recording and then a night in our favorite theatre with a hometown crowd.”

The duo have appreciated their time touring with Hozier. “I mean it’s great, Hozier obviously is a very well respected artist globally, but I mean especially back home in Ireland and were big fans of him so we were totally honored to be asked to open for him on his North American tour,” Harry said. 

Hudson Taylor will be on tour until December 22, and they will make stops in Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, and San Diego, among many other cities, until they return home to Ireland where they plan to write new songs.

“Its a busy end of the year for us,” Alfie said. 

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