Greer Grammer, star of the new Netflix movie Deadly Illusions, revealed the most important lesson she learned from Kristen Davis on set.

“The thing that I learned from Kristen, and the thing that I remember most from working with her, was how good she was at setting boundaries and making sure that everyone on set was comfortable especially when it came to the sexual scenes that happen in the film,” Grammer, the daughter of Kelsey Grammer, told uInterview Founder Erik Meers exclusively.

“I had never done any sort of sex scenes before in my career, you know, I was on teen shows and kind of more family shows, The Middle,” she explained, “so this was uncharted territories for me, whereas it wasn’t so much for her because you know she was on a show called Sex and the City.”


“So, I just really appreciated having her around to help me make sure that I was comfortable, make sure that like, you know, whoever was supposed to be on set that day was on set and who wasn’t, making sure it was closed and that there was only like me, her and the director at the time that it was going on,” she said.

“Just making sure that like all the boundaries were checked and crossed and everyone was comfortable,” she said. “I think that was like the thing that I loved the most about working with her.”

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