Greer Grammer discussed the pleasure of playing a villain in her hit Netflix movie Deadly Illusions in her new uInterview.

“I play Grace, she is a nanny that Kristen Davis and Dermot Mulroney hire to take care of their children while Kristen’s character Mary goes back to work and write her new novel,” Grammer told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “She’s a novelist,  she’s kind of famous for writing these crazy psychotic thrillers.”

“You find a lot out about Grace as the movie progresses. I don’t know what to say without giving too much away,” Grammer said before adding, “things go a little crazy and lines get very, very blurred.”

Grammer, who is the daughter of comedy icon Kelsey Grammer, revealed that she has two favorite scenes. “My favorite to shoot was the introductory scene to Grace as a character when she kind of comes in and is reading a book and has the tea. And I think that’s just because it felt like my ‘Disney princess’ moment almost, even though this is clearly not a ‘Disney princess’ film. But it felt so polite and proper and like those are always the roles that I like love to play. Like I’m a huge Grace Kelly fan like I love old movies, and it just kind of had that same feeling,” she said.

“But when watching the film I think my favorite is that final scene at the end, but in the midst, like in the midst of her switching personalities there’s this line where I go back into the bathroom and I say, ‘Sorry for the mess,'” Grammer said, “and it’s my favorite thing to watch because it’s so crazy and you don’t understand what’s going on, and I thought that line was funny and brilliant for Anna [Elizabeth James] to write, but it’s just so great because she genuinely, Grace is genuinely apologizing for the mess that has been made, that is being made, for the blood that’s on the floor, and even though she knows who did it she doesn’t want to believe that it’s happening again.”

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