Emeraude Toubia, Rome Flynn and Desmond Chiam discuss their characters and their favorite scenes in With Love in their new uInterview.

“Lily just broke up with her perfect on-paper boyfriend and now she is navigating life trying to, you know, still make her family proud with their traditions, but she’s also trying to find out what her new rules in life are,” Toubia told uInterview Founder Erik Meers.

“The journey of Santiago, trying to find purpose, we kind of initially find him in this very heavy, emotional situation,” Flynn said of his character. “We introduce his character, and also his dad, and to go from there and figure out ‘Okay where do I go from here?’ is really the journey that’s going to be interesting to see.”

“There’s a, I think, a general immaturity to the guy that is like it’s pretty apparent, like the dude can’t take anything seriously, you know, a heavy situation” Chiam said of his character Nick. “I mean he does have his thing with Mark [Indelicato] and he’s like very defensive of that relationship. But in terms of his own, he doesn’t have much of a radar, and I think the whole collision that happens in the first episode, at the end of sets him off on this whole spiraling path of what is love?”

The actors also discussed their favorite scenes. “I really like in Episode 5, Lily goes into the confessional and I think that was one of my most fun scenes to shoot,” Toubia said, “where you kind of notice that she’s all over the place right? She wants to find love but she wants to make her parents proud. She did everything right; she went to a good school, she studied her whole life and, you know, sometimes people picture this fairytale ending and it’s not true, just because you do things right doesn’t mean those things are going to happen to you, unfortunately, so she’s kind of realizing that the hard way.”

“Most of the scenes that I liked most were Gloria [Calderón Kellett]’s scenes,” Flynn said. “She’s just hilarious. And only because for her to wear that many hats and come in and be a really great actor, but like really be great with timing also. When I watched her, I just couldn’t wait for her to pop up again. And it was cool, I mean she had some of my favorite scenes I would say.”

“There was a very touching moment at the party, where — I don’t want to spoil too much — but I’m best friends with Mark’s character and he’s going through a crisis and I see that, and I go solve that problem for him essentially, which I think speaks to a kind of platonic love that we don’t get to explore a lot,” Chiam said.

With Love is streaming on Amazon Prime Video on December 17. Check out the trailer below!

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