To Live and Die and Live, which premiered at the 2023 Sundance Film Festival, follows film director Muhammad (Amin Joseph) who tries to cope with his stepfather’s death while battling his own drug addiction.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Joseph revealed the hardest part about playing the character.


“The role was as physically demanding as it was psychologically,” he explained. “But psychologically was probably the toughest. The fact that the character Muhammad deals with substance abuse, depression and anxiety throughout the film can wear a toll on you. But physically it was really demanding, we had a really tough schedule that we had to complete the film in.”

Joseph also told uInterview founder Erik Meers about his most memorable part of the film.

“Probably changing in an airport,” he laughed. “Yeah, probably changing in an airport with no bathroom, no privacy. Just getting it done.”

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