To Live and Die and Live centers around Muhammad (Amin Joseph), a film director reflecting on his recently-deceased stepfather while also battling with drug addiction.

Actress Maryam Basir, who plays Muhammad’s sister, talked with uInterview founder Erik Meers about her role at the movie’s Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah.

“It was just a very emotional role,” Basir told uInterview exclusively, noting that there was a lot of crying on set.

One of the more memorable things from the shoot was her discovering plantains. “I tried them before but I never liked them, but Amin said, ‘taste this you know just try this one try it again.’ And I tried it and it was life-changing. I’m like this is actually really good!”

Basir also noted there were many beautiful moments getting to know everyone’s story while on set.

Basir has just completed work on the new season of Lace. “I actually just wrapped about two weeks ago on my second season of my show, Lace, an AMC Network show where I play Lace as the lead,” she said. The new season comes out this summer.

The actress went on to say that while working on Lace she had the most fun off-set when she was getting her hair and makeup done. “You’re in the makeup chair and people are just making jokes and dancing and laughing,” she said. “That’s the fun stuff right there.”

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