Singer-songwriter Singltn sat down with uInterview to discuss about his new music and what he learned after working with huge artists like Beyonce and Alicia Keys.

The R&B star admires Beyonce’s punctuality and her dedication to perfecting her craft. “When Beyonce has a show at 8 p.m., she’s rehearsing at like 9 a.m. in the morning until curtain call,” he told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “So just seeing that whole process of her, like how she gets her show ready – and if she makes a minor mistake you won’t notice because it’s so rehearsed that it doesn’t even come across. Everything is just tight.”

He also praised Keys for her punctuality and the amount of rehearsal the singer does before her performances. He commended the star’s team management, noting Keys’ ability to create “a whole balance of a show with having everybody get all of the material first, upfront.”

Reflecting on his overall experience working with prominent musicians, Singltn said he learned to simply be nice to everybody. “I learned also that most of these singers, they’re nice to the musicians and also the sound guy,” he said. “It makes for a great show for everybody.”

The singer-songwriter and founder of RB4 Entertainment made his solo debut earlier this year. He’s now back with the song “Skin,” a groovy R&B track with a 90s vibe. The song is part of a visual EP, which tells a love story through five singles and music videos.

Singltn explained the meaning behind “Skin” and how it plays into the story. “You and your girl decide to go out and you realize, ‘Oh no, I can’t enjoy you with anybody else, I’ve gotta just enjoy you to myself,'” he said. “Next thing you know, you stay in and you have a nice meal … next thing you know, y’all love each other.”

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