Saoirse Ronan plays a character captured by a “seeker” in the film adaptation of Stephenie Meyer’s The Host. Ronan becomes both Melanie and Wanda in the film with sudden mood swings from the two spirits inside her. “Well, to prepare for that, it took a lot of thought,” she told Uinterview in an exclusive interview. “I’m basically playing two different characters, it was great.”

The Irish actress began her career as a child, gaining fame for her role in the 2007 film Atonement. Ronan had initially also auditioned for the role of Luna Lovegood in the fifth installment of the Harry Potter franchise but lost the cast role to Evanna Lynch. Ronan has appeared in a handful of films from Death Defying Acts to the sci-fi film City of Ember.

In The Host, Ronan gets to share the screen with actors Max Irons and Jake Abel as their characters compete for her affection. “When it came to doing those kinds of romantic scenes, we had to laugh and we didn’t take it too seriously,” she told Uinterview.

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Q: How did you prepare for the wild mood swings your character has in the movie? -Matthew - zupanfrits

Well, to prepare for that it took a lot of thought. It was certainly, you know, I'™m basically playing two different characters, but it was great, it was really the main draw for me of the project. To be able to take what Stephenie [Meyer] had written and what Andrew [Niccol] had written in the screenplay, just really build these characters up, not only through the emotional side of the character, but also just their physicality, little traits that they have. They'€™re so different anyway so it should be able to really work from that and make sure they bounce off each other was a lot of fun.

Q: I was just wondering what is your favourite thing about being an actress? - novidyav

My favorite thing about being an actress is, I mean, it’s a hard question to answer really. There are so many different aspects that I absolutely love. It’s just something that feels very natural for me and not to say that it’s easy. It’s not difficult but it’s a challenge. I just feel very at home when I’m on a film set. So I just love playing different characters. I love thinking about what they would think about and being in their sort of situation and really getting to know a different person. So I love that. But also as well, just the different crew members we have on set and I think it can really make a set and bring up the atmosphere. You know, whenever the atmosphere is good on the set, it’s just kind of infectious.

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Q: How is it like knowing that once "The Host" premieres you'll have all of the twilight fans looking to compare you to their own fandoms? To be honest, I always thought fans of Meyer's works to be rather erratic and sometimes fanatic. - rakimmm
Q: You got to do a lot of your own stunts in the movie. What was the most difficult for you to do? —Justin - Uinterview User

Well, I didn’t really, I mean there were a few stunts that I have. There was one that I didn’t do where she jumps out the window at the set because I don’t think insurance would cover for that, but I didn’t do that many. I mean really the only main one was one where I jumped off a balcony and it was great. I mean, I was a bit nervous, had a few butterflies but it was great to do, and then the assistant director brought me over to where we were going to do it and she said, ‘Now listen, you can do if you want to. It’s completely safe. We have a harness and everything but there’s no pressure. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to.’ I said, ‘No, no, no, I’d love to do it myself so they can cover it for as long as they want to.’ And she said, ‘Well, yeah, that’s great because everyone else had a bet that you wouldn’t do it.’ And she was the only one that thought I would. So she got about 40 bucks out of it when I jumped off the balcony.

Q: You are in a love triangle with Max Irons' and Jake Abel’s characters. How did you relate to each of them during the romantic scenes? —Charlotte - Uinterview User

I mean, you know what, it was grand because we became so comfortable with one another through rehearsal and also, I had worked with Jake briefly a few years before hand on another film and I met Max before, so I knew what they were like. I knew what kind of people they were, and so it was very easy for me to become really comfortable with one another and when it came to it, and when it came to doing those kinds of romantic scenes, we had to laugh and we didn’t take it too seriously. So, I think that made a big difference for both of us whether it was Max or Jake.

Q: If you were hosted in Diane Kruger’s body what’s the first thing you’d do? - Uinterview User

I think I’d just raid her wardrobe. I think Diane’s got the best style, so I’d probably take a few of her clothes and put them in my wardrobe.