She’s playing a gun-packing deputy in the new comedy, Did You Here About The Morgans? with Sarah Jessica Parker, now out on DVD. Mary Steenburgen takes questions from users of

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Q: Hi Mary, this is Meghan from New Brunswick. What was the funniest moment you had on set with Hugh Grant and Sarah Jessica Parker? And what was their chemistry like? - M G

Actually, probably my funniest moment was my first scene on my first day. It's just a little moment in the film where we're showing them the room that Hugh Grant sleeps in, and we shoot films out of order, so that was my first day's work. And I'd never met Hugh Grant and I'd never met the director; I'd met Sarah a few times. And we started to do the scene, and Hugh and I looked at each other, and something happened and we started laughing, and then we tried to get it together and do the scene again and in the same place we started laughing and it was one of those things where we could not get through this scene, and it took about two hours to get through this scene. And I came home that day and I said, "I think I'm gonna get fired from this movie because I was so disruptive!" So I don't know what there was that was happening but Hugh Grant and I could not look at each other. But I love him; he's great, and Sarah Jessica is a dream. They were having a great time. We all were. I think that we were all glad we were doing a movie out west and it was beautiful where we were shooting. We loved the people in the little town, and it was just a great job.

Q: Thanks. Now, this movie is all about a culture clash. Are you more "Manhattan" or "Wyoming?" - M G

That's a good question. In my real life I do both. I live part of the time in the city and part of the time in a tiny town in the country where we live on a farm, so I think I'm selfish enough in life that I just have to have both.

Q: Can you get along without your Blackberry? - M G

Well it's an iPhone, and no. [Laughs]. No, in fact, I'd thought I'd broken it the other day, and it was pitiful how sad I was.

Q: Hey, Mary, this is Kevin from Brooklyn. In the movie you depict Sarah Palin. Before filming, did you know how to shoot a gun? - Kevin, Brooklyn - Uinterview User

Well my uncle taught me to shoot when I was a little girl, but then the idea was that they were gonna take me hunting and I would have none of that. I was fine with shooting cans but not anything that lived and breathed, so they got bored with me and dropped the lessons.

Q: Thanks Mary. Do you think you would be able to handle Sarah Palin in a real shooting contest? - Kevin, Brooklyn - Uinterview User

She'd probably have me beat. Definitely she'd have me beat if it was anything more than cans. But I'm pretty good, I'm pretty good.