Kellan Lutz stars in the action flick Extraction, which happens to also features the wealthy professional poker player and social media personality Dan Bilzerian.

Kellan Lutz On Dan Bilzerian

Prior to learning that Bilzerian was cast in Extraction, Lutz knew little about him, but his brothers soon directed him to Bilzerian’s social media pages. “They were like, ‘Dan Bilzerian! Oh my god, you gotta party with him!’ I’m like, ‘Why?'” Lutz told uInterview in an exclusive interview. “And I look, and I’m like, ‘Okay, that’s why.'”

While Lutz can attest to Bilzerian’s ability to throw a party, having been thrown one by the man himself for his 30th birthday last year, he claims that Bilzerian is a lot more than the pictures he posts on Instagram let on.

“He’s a smart businessman, so what you see socially is what he wants you to see,” Lutz said. “The Dan that I know, he’s a really great guy, like he’s a really good, solid man. He’s a no-bullshitter. He’s very direct, and he has no filter, which I really respect because in this town, I’ve got so many fake friends who just tell you what you want to hear. I mean, he’s not impressed by anyone, and he’s respectful to any new people as well.”

Filming Extraction, where Bilzerian plays a CIA agent tasked with keeping Lutz’s character from going rogue to rescue his kidnapped father, Lutz found the super-rich playboy to be incredibly humble and willing to learn about the craft of acting.

“He really wants to act, so I told him, ‘We don’t know each other, but we’re in this together. We want to make the best movie we can make. So, if there’s anything, like, if you want to play or improv or read lines I would love to do that with you,” Lutz said. “He’s a humble man. He’s like, ‘Kellan, I’ve only done this like five times. Yeah I want to do that.'”

Upon completing filming with Bilzerian and also becoming pals with him, Lutz is impressed with his ability to corner the market on a specific type of social presence – but he’s more impressed with the guy Bilzerian is in real life.

“He’s capitalizing with this social media trend. He’s leading in that small little area, where someone can be gambling, shooting guns, hanging out with women. A lot of guys look up to him for that sort of regard,” Lutz told uInterview. “But, uh, I’m glad I know Dan for Dan.”

Extraction is currently available on DVD.

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