Kellan Lutz took one lucky fan to her high school prom over the weekend, and attended the dance with 18-year-old Brianna Siciliano.

Kellan Lutz Goes To Prom

Lutz, Twilight star and host of Bullseye, went all out to take Siciliano to prom on Friday, June 5. According to reports, Siciliano has admired Lutz since she was a young teen, and reached out to him over the years. The two became friendly, and, when Siciliano’s friends started a social media campaign to get Lutz as her prom date, he said yes.

Lutz picked up Siciliano in a Bentley and whisked her away to her dream prom at Monroe Township High School in New Jersey. Lutz has been keeping his prom adventure away from his social media, but Siciliano and her friends have been sharing adorable photos from the dream night.

“Where is my beautiful date?” #therealpromkingandpromqueen #blessed

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Some reports have stated that Siciliano reached out to Lutz after being bullied, but Siciliano has since said on her Twitter account that that is absolutely not the case. “He didn’t say yes because I was bullied as far as I know,” she wrote on Sunday.

“People are saying I begged Kellan and/or told him sob stories to get him to come to prom with me…..where do you come up with this stuff???” she added.

In other posts on her social media account, she explained a little bit of how Lutz, 30, came to be her prom date. “He’s been a role model of mine for years and he’s helped me through so much so I asked him to come and he said yes,” she wrote.

Siciliano wrote a similar explanation on Facebook, writing, “Kellan and I have been friendly for a while…He told me yesterday he wouldn’t do this for just anyone, it’s because he knows me and he wanted to make my night special.”

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The day after her prom, Siciliano took to Twitter to express her joy: “I have hated myself (the way I look and my personality) for YEARS! But yesterday I loved myself and I felt so great and so happy. Yesterday was truly one of the best days of my life. I felt beautiful & I got to meet a man who makes me so happy when I’m depressed.”

In the days since her prom, Siciliano has continued to share photos from her night out with Lutz, including some fun photobooth photos from the prom itself and more pre-prom pics.

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