uInterview sat down with the band Hanson to ask your questions as they head out on their new tour.



  • Jenny
    Jenny on

    The best interview EVER!!!

  • Brittany Warren
    Brittany Warren on

    Hey you all I’ve been a freakin fan for 10 years!! I am now 22 and still love the heck out of you.. do you have any idea when a new cd will be coming out?! I am craving some new music from your lovely voices.

  • Rain
    Rain on

    Zach, Isaac, Taylor…I’ve got one question, in an mmmbop their gone…jk, well, huuhuhu, are you happy?lol

  • Rain
    Rain on

    Always take care, I wish you were born in my year 1992…hahahaha, so you’re still 16 or something..

  • Amy Robinson
    Amy Robinson on

    I definitely agree with you guys about the “life-changing” that takes place once you have a child…I have two of my own, and I wouldn’t know what I’d do without them, now. At first, I was terrified! Granted, the father isn’t in their lives anymore…I still know that without my kids, I’d be NOTHING! Keep rockin’! And, PLEASE try to do a concert in WV! Lots of love to you and your family!

  • Michelle
    Michelle on

    You guys certainly have talent.

    You’re not like some of these fakes that DISNEY puts out. You know, the ones that have absolutely no talent at all, but through the miracles of television, stars are quickly born.

    A prime example of someone who definitely has no talent at all. A girl Disney made into a superstar. A girl that has a serious nasal problem, who not only speaks through her nose, but sings mostly through her nose as well. Anyone else would be shunned in the music industry, but due to who her father is and someone at Disney just wants to be closer to her father, Miley Ray Cyrus is now a superstar.

    What about those JONAS BROTHERS? No talent at all either. But due to the miracles of television, they also became superstars.

    So many people are blind to all this. A primary case in point. Many girls are madly in love with all three Jonas Brothers. How can this be? Nick is the only attractive one and neither of the other two can even come close. None of the Jonas Brothers can sing at all. But yet, all these young girls are mystified over these three guys. Are young people just looking for excitement these days. Falling over backwards for these three guys, will not get them anywhere. So where is all the hoopla?

  • Meredith
    Meredith on

    I love you guys! I just discovered your band on itunes, and I love you more than the other bands/singers on my ipod! When is a new cd coming out? in 2009? please have a new one soon!

  • chris
    chris on

    I think it’s totally unneccesary to invalidate Thomas Beatie’s identity and to use him as the butt of a joke. Unprofessional and seems un-Hanson to me. I love you all and your music, but this is points down in my book, big-time.

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Q: Zac, I read recently that you had a baby boy, congratulations. I wondered how that effects your music and your ability to tour? - Josh, Los Angeles

Zac: Josh, I know you probably read People magazine and heard about the man who had a baby. But I didn’t have a baby. My wife had a baby [laughs] … It’s incredible. It’s life changing. But definitely something people should not be afraid of. I when we told people, they said. ‘You’re so young, it’s going to change things.' I don’t think it should be something that people are as afraid.”

Q: Have you ever considered doing solo projects? - Karen Holmberg

Taylor: Karen, it's funny with the solo project idea has come up throughout our career. It probably comes up with lots of bands. I think especially because we all sing, we all writeâ

Q: Zac, I read recently that you had a baby boy, congratulations. I wondered how that affects your music and your ability to tour? - Josh, Los Angeles - Uinterview User

Zac: Josh, I know this is hard to believe because you probably read People magazine and heard about the man who had a baby. But I actually didn't have a baby. My wife had a baby [laughs] The man who has the baby is probably a woman who had a sex change - awkward. We did just have a baby, my wife and I. It's incredible. It's life changing. But definitely something people should not be afraid of. When we first told people, I'm 22, they said. 'You're so young, it's going to change things.' Though it changes your life, I don't think it should be something that people are as afraid.

Q: You dropped your label, and started your own label. What that difficult to build up? - Steve

Zac: I just want to say hi Steve, it's good to see you again. It's been a while. Last time I saw you we were kind of party, place. You know.

Issac: Zac, that might have been a different Steve.

Zac: There's only one Steve, trust me... When we decided to start our own label, it was definitely a big decision and definitely signing on to take hold of things in a different way than we've ever had been. We've always been very involved in everything we do. From merchandise to our work, to the way the albums are releasedâ

Q: My second question is whatâ - Steve

A: Zac: Steve, this is so like you to ask more than one question. You are such a hog. I mean at that party, I think you drank all the booze, I didn't get anyâ

Q: What is it like being so successful at such a young age? -Tanya, New York City - Uinterview User

A: Issac: Well Tanya, success at an early age can potentially be very dangerous for some. I would say in some ways, itâ

Q: Being brothers, do you have more or less friction than other bands and what's the worst fight you ever got into? - Uinterview User

Taylor: Tanya, that's a hard question to answer. I mean, one of the things that's interesting about being in a band with your brothers is people that are not brothers say we're like brothers...

Issac: Like in a positive way...

Taylor: Yeah, and people that are brothers are likeâ

Q: Your new tour is called Walk Around the World, Can you explain what it means and how it started? -Amy, West Virginia - Uinterview User

Taylor: Hey Amy, thanks for your question. Part of our story with this whole record is that we recorded an African Children Choir in Molenbeek and in South Africa and really recognizing our ability to make an impact on the issues in Africa with tangible actions, with our music, with our influences and things around us. And that inspired us to do the walks, which we do at all our shows, the 1 miles barefoot walks. Last fall, our goal was to help Tom's Shoes, which is a really cool shoe company, and was to help them to give thousands of shoes to kids in Africa by selling shoes. They donate a pair every time you buy one.