Dylan O’Brien plays an intern competing for a job at Google against co-stars Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson in The Internship. “He has a really bright mind. I’ve never been of that – caliber,” O’Brien told uInterview exclusively of his character. “I couldn’t do that. I don’t think.”

O’Brien is best known for his role in MTV’s Teen Wolf in which he plays Stiles. He is now shooting the upcoming sci-fi thriller The Maze Runner, playing the lead role of Thomas. The film is based on a novel of the same title written by James Dashner.

What company would he like to be CEO of, one uInterviewer asked? “If I could CEO in a company? Oh my…. Uh…uh…uh…what is, a CEO is like in charge of everything right? Don’t put me in CEO,” O’Brien told uInterview. “I can’t CEO at something, anything [laughs]. I shouldn’t be in charge of anyone. I don’t know, like a studio or something? Or some movies? [laughs] Can I direct movies in any way?”

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Q: You said once that you didn't see yourself as a professional actor cause it was something really surreal to you. Now after experiences such as The Internship and grabbing several interesting roles are you more comfortable with seeing yourself as a professional actor and do you see yourself sticking with it in the long run? - InARage
Q: You have done thriller and suspence (with Teen Wolf), you've done romance, sci-fi and comedy. Do you intend trying your hand on gritty dramas? What would be the kind of dramatic role you would love to play? - InARage
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Q: How was it like to work with Vince Vaughan and Owen Wilson? - dylanobribri
Q: Can you relate to your character from The Internship? - dylanobribri

Um, yes, yeah. I can relate to him in a lot of ways and I can'€™t possibly relate to him in other ways too. He's you know, an MIT student. He has a really brilliant mind -€“ I'™ve never been of that caliber. He's in a running for a job at Google. I could not do that, I don’t think. Actually, someone asked me that through twitter the other day, 'Would You ever work at Google?'€™ And that'™s how they phrase it to you. And it'€™s so funny 'cause at first I was like, 'Yeah!'™ But then I was like, 'They won'€™t let me probably.'

Q: How was filming The Internship different from any other work you have done previously? - dylanobribri
Q: Is there anything you have learned from filming The Internship? - dylanobribri
Q: What's your favourite line from The Internship? - aveeeta
Q: What attracted you to playing a more douchey type of character? - jeneepho
Q: If you could be the CEO of any company, which company would it be? - miatheminion

If I could CEO in a company? Oh my- Uh... uh... uh.. what is, a CEO is like in charge of everything right? Don't put me in CEO. I can'€™t CEO at something, anything [laughs]. I shouldn't be in charge of anyone. I don't know, like a studio or something? Or some movies? [laughs] Can I direct movies in any way?

Q: What were you doing when you learned you had gotten a part on The Internship? - miatheminion
Q: Which actor did you wish you had more scenes with? - jeneepho

I think you can't really - are you asking me to choose between Owen and Vince? [laughs] It'€™s a crazy thing, you can'€™t do that. Um, yeah I don't know. Let'™s see, who didn'€™t I really have - Max! I would say Max because I don't think we had one scene or exchange together in the whole movie. I think there was maybe even one time when we were even in the same vicinity, or we did have one exchange actually. Max Minghella, yeah, that would have been cool because he was one of my best friends so I want to, I would like to have more dialogue with Max maybe.

Q: What is something that Google invented that you wish you did? - jeneepho
Q: How has filming The Maze Runner been? I'm a huge fan and I think you're going to be a perfect Thomas! - jeneepho
Q: What was your experience working at the real Google offices like? - Uinterview User

We didn'€™t do the whole movie at Google. Most of it was in Atlanta. We actually recreated it for the most part at Georgia Tech, and then we did two weeks at the real Google at the end where all the exteriors and some of the other stuff were shot, but that was such a funny experience because we're at like our fake Google first for so long and then we were like, the whole time we were so excited to go to the real Google and then we go. And it was kind of amazing to see how accurate and awesome our set was. You know, the production design was really cool in the movie because he just knocks Google out of the park and then going to see the real thing was just crazy.