On Monday night, Wedding Crashers actor Vince Vaughn was seen at the 2020 College Football National Championship having a friendly conversation with an unlikely person President Donald Trump. The president, along with his wife, First Lady Melania Trump, were attending the game between the Louisiana State University Tigers and the Clemson University Tigers. LSU won the game, beating Clemson 42-25, finishing their season with a win-loss record of 15-0. Despite this impressive showing, the conversation about the 2020 Championship on Twitter the next morning was less about the actual game and more about what occurred there.


Journalist Timothy Burke posted the video of Vaughn and the president to his Twitter page Monday night. In the short 30-second clip – post included below – Vaughn talks candidly to the president while Melania listens. In the background, the crowd attending the game sings Neil Diamond’s “Sweet Caroline.” Soon after, Vaughn and Trump exchange a friendly handshake. Then, Vaughn shakes the hand of Rep. Steve Scalise (R-Louisiana) who was attending the game with the president. Soon after, Vaughn leaves. It is unknown what the actual conversation was about, or if it was nothing more than pleasantries.

The clip, along with the vague, somewhat snarky caption that Burke included, was soon noticed by many of the president’s supporters on Twitter. Many users seem to have interpreted Burke’s remarks as negative and critiqued the supposed “cancelling” of Vaughn over a short conversation. So many people were discussing the reaction to Burke’s video that “Vince Vaughn” soon started trending worldwide on Twitter. Burke himself responded to the attention his tweet has received, clarifying that the caption was in reference to the crowd singing “Sweet Caroline.”

However, his explanation may go unnoticed Burke’s attempts to explain the clip has less than 100 retweets, while his initial tweet and video has well over 5000.