He’s one of the hilarious wiseguys on Scrubs. Now, Donald Faison in breaking out on the big screen with his new comedy, Next Day Air.

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    Great interview! He’s hilarious!

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Q: What was the most memorable scene you shot on the movie? - Vladimir - Uinterview User

The last scene. I think we shot the movie in two weeks and that scene took three to four days. That had the most stunts and action in it. That was the most fun I had on set working with Mos Def.

Q: There must have been some really fun moments working with Wood Harris or Mike Epps. Can you tell me about a couple of the funnest moments behind the scenes? - Vladimir - Uinterview User

There was a great moment was when Mike Tyson showed up unannounced. And I don't know about you but if Mike Tyson showed up anywhere else unannounced, it would probably be an issue, but because it was an urban film it was all good. The Champ walks in and you are like, 'Ahh-ohh...' He's kind of like a Rottweiler- he's cool, but you never know...[laughs].

Q: What's the future for Scrubs? What's been your favorite moment making the show? - Steve, Washington - Uinterview User

I got to play Indiana Jones in one episode. Indiana Jones traveled deep inside someone's colon to remove a tumor so that was a lot of fun.

Q: Are you going to try to stay on TV or move into movies? - Steve, Washington - Uinterview User

I wanna just work, to be honest with you. I'm happiest when I'm acting and when I'm hanging out with my kids and when I'm hanging out with my girlfriend so I just want to work.

Q: Q: Given your parents have a background in the theater, how do you feel the roles for African American men have changed over the years? - Neil Pedley

Thanks to Will Smith African Americans are getting a lot more roles, at least males are. Females, not so much but males, definitely. It's always getting better, you just always want it to get better

Q: What do you think the key to Scrubs' longevity was? - Neil Pedley

Scrubs has great writers and the creator of Scrubs, Bill Lawrence, is an amazing show-runner and an amazing writer. That's one reason and
the media loved us and that kept bringing us back. We had a core audience but without the critics I don't know if we would have lasted
as long as we did.