T-Mobile paid homage to Grease in one of its two national Super Bowl commercials. The commercial featuring John Travolta, Donald Faison and Zach Braff singing their Summer Nights parody was released on Friday, ahead of the Chiefs vs. Eagles game.

Travolta shared his excitement about working alongside Faison and Braff.

“I love the dynamic between the three of us,” Travolta told Variety. “It’s a special energy. I know it sounds odd, but it’s like a special art to do musical comedy and advertising, that has a vibe, a frequency that is different than other types of performance. When I see all three of us together, I feel like we should do something else with this, you know?”

Faison and Braff had previously co-starred in T-Mobile’s 2022 Super Bowl commercial, which featured them singing their version of “I Feel Pretty.”

While they weren’t exactly sure if the Grease idea would be selected, both Braff and Faison had been practicing and were just as eager as Travolta to bring out the Danny Zuko in him.

T-Mobile has since released various versions and lengths of the Super Bowl ad to its social media platforms.

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