Dale Earnhardt, Jr. And Chef Troy Gagliardo On Italian Cooking, Daytona 500

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Q: What happened with Marcos Ambrose at the Sprint Unlimited? - Uinterview

We were just kinda going for the same place, going for the same position on the racetrack. I was out front and Marcos was pushing me down the front straight away, and I got to moving around probably a little bit too much on the front of his car searching for some air and he decides to start getting offensive to start making some moves of his own. We were just miscommunicating at that point and time, and ran into each other and got turned into the fence, but I've been racing Marcos for a long time he's a good guy. I was angry at the moment sure, heat of the moment on the racetrack when you get wrecked you're defiantly not happy about the situation, so I definitely got a little angry at the moment, but coolness prevailed after everyone got out of the care and cooled down.

Q: What do you think about the return of your fathers No. 3 NASCAR? - Uinterview

I'm excited for Austin Dylan and RCR. Those guys have done a good job to come out of the gate to get to Daytona 500. Austin'€™s doing a good job representing that team and you know he'€™s a good kid and I think carrying the number well.

Q: With the new point system, will you be more aggressive on the track? - Uinterview

Well I think we're going to be, hopefully in it to win more races and we're always as a group as aggressive as we need to be, and we may be turning that up a bit with the new point system. Its going to be pretty exciting with the point system the way it is this year, and I think the fans are going to enjoy that, the drivers will too. If it comes down to the right situation in a race you might get a little more aggressive a little more physical than you would have in the past due to the importance in winning these races.