Outrageous comedian David Cross takes questions exclusively from users of Uinterview.com about his DVD comedy special, Bigger and Blackerer.



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    While we're waiting for the Arrested Development movie, do you think we could get a Mr. Show reunion special?

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Q: Hi, David, this is Elena from New Rochelle, New York. I know you're really into political humor, so I was just wondering how you felt about the recent health care debates that's consumed us for the past year. - ElenaCox

Well, it wasn't much of a debate, really. It was just people yelling at each other and all kinds of crazy misinformation. And when I taped the special, health care was not even close to passing and obviously now it has. And I think the most interesting thing to be seen will be how people react, how they channel their anger that they obviously have regardless of who's in office or what party's in power they're just angry, they're angry people. And how they'll channel that anger once health care is seen to be not, you know, the apocalypse or not communist, and when they're, how they'll delude themselves into remaining angry.

Q: My follow up question is, what did you make of the death threats the congressman received after the bill had passed? - ElenaCox

That's always the danger of, you know, taping something in September and then having it air in April. I wish we could do this interview after the first person was killed, but, that's timing.

Q: Hey, David, this is Drew from St. Louis. Why did you decide to release your comedy special on Epix rather than in a more conventional way? - drewjordan

I think it's what I'm gonna do from now on actually, which is, I approached it sort of the opposite way, or I guess from the other end where you would normally do this where instead of going to HBO or Comedy Central or an outlet like that and saying 'Hey, are you guys interested in this special?'I'm touring,' I just paid for, on my own, the taping of it. I taped it, had cameras come and then I took that, the show, and then sold the show to whoever was interested and shopped it around and epix gave me a really great deal and I get to retain the ownership and it's just, it's a much better way of doing it, I think, than going HBO. The thing you don't get is the big publicity marketing splash that you would get with HBO or Comedy Central but, you know, this stuff exists in perpetuity forever so it made sense. And the I own it, so it's my, in other words instead of having HBO or whoever it is go 'well we like this, we don't like this bit, you know, we don't, can you not do this, can you do that,' I just taped the show and sold the show as is.

Q: So for my follow up question, I noticed on the DVD you have a track about silly religious crazies. Why do you think we have so many of them in the U.S.? - drewjordan

That's a good question. I don't know, I know we're seen abroad as being a little crazy, you know, because of our adherence to that kind of religious extremism. But maybe it's, I don't know! I really don't know why in America of all countries it's so overtly religious. I wish I had a good answer for you. I don't know, maybe it's just people need it, you know? Maybe we're not that enlightened.