‘Tan Mom’ Patricia Krentcil Gives Advice To… by Uinterview

Patricia Krentcil, better known as “Tan Mom,” has a few choice words for Teen Mom star Farrah Abraham after the two recently spent a brief stint in the same rehab facility. Krentcil relives the uncomfortable situation when she caught Abraham taking pictures of her in rehab, she told Uinterview in an exclusive U Rant video.

“She took pictures of me either in the rehab — what an escapades that was,” Tan Mom says. “I had to live through escapades over there, you go over there to get well it’s the house but in group she took pictures of me. It was the most degrading moment because we’re in a rehab, and she would sit on the phone, and everyone’s like, ‘This is a rehab, like, what’s your deal?’ She took pictures of me in there I knew something was up. Literally went out, in minutes and the paparazzi was chasing me down in the rehab it was crazy. And after that TMZ — everyone was everywhere, they’re taking pictures of me — they caught the guy. And everyone just hates her.”

What’s Tan Mom’s motherly advice to the Teen Mom? “A piece of advice is that you run around saying you’re a ‘mom, mom, mom’ — moms wouldn’t do [a porno]. I mean a little bare stuff but that sex video is disgusting and it made me throw up and I only saw the first part, which is enough to see and it’s unheard of. Stop calling yourself a mom, a mom wouldn’t do that… Keep your clothes on. And, stop taking pictures. And then she’s so proud that she did this sex video!”


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