Lea Thompson was known for her roles in Jaws 3 and Caroline in the City. Now, she's taking on a Texas biker gang in her film Exit Speed, now out on DVD.

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Q: How did you get involved with the movie Exit Speed? - Uinterview

They just offered it to me. I liked that it was an action movie that had four really great women characters in it.

Q: There are a lot of action scenes. What was the most difficult one for you to do? - Uinterview

The whole show was hard to do. It was night, and it was hot and raining. There were lots of mosquitoes. There was a scene when I’m getting chased by a motorcycle and have to do hand-to-hand combat with a drug-crazed biker. It was very emotional and hard to do. I feel like I hurt her. You know it’s always better when the actor does as many stunts as possible, so I try to stay as nimble and limber as possible.

Q: Did you do a lot of your stunts or did you have a stunt double? - Uinterview

I try to stay in shape for these kinds of things. You know you are always going to get hurt. You are always going to get bruises and stuff. You can’t fall that many times without getting bruised up. But that’s ok. You feel macho the next day when you show them your bruises.

Q: Was it all shot in rural Texas? What was the shot like? - Uinterview

It was a little bit outside of Dallas. There were these crazy motorcycle stunts which were amazing. They were standing with no hands on top of a motorcycle. That’s craziness. It was really hard because it was raining every day. I really enjoyed the cast. I like doing different things, and this movie is real departure from what I’ve been doing the past few years. I play a normal mom who has to fight for my life, and you always wonder if you where stuck in situation like that. You have to learn about the people you are with really, really fast. You heard about the plane going down in the Hudson — those people were strangers and then they were tied together for the rest of their lives.

Q: What was your experience like shooting with Desmond Herrington? - Uinterview

I didn’t know him before. He’s a really interesting cat. I enjoyed him. I enjoyed basking in his unique intensity. He’s a really funny guy. You never know what’s going to come out of his mouth. We had the days off, so we all sort of hung out at the pool together.

Q: We hear you are going to be directing a movie coming up? - Uinterview

I’m hoping to be directing The Swingin' Sounds of Jack Amsterdam. It’s a musical romantic comedy. We are in pre-pre production, so I’m excited about that happening. I’m also doing a sketch comedy show for acmecomedy.com. I get to do six really different characters and show off all my accents. I like to keep things mixed up.