T.J. Miller parasailed into the Cannes Film Festival in a stunt to promote Sony’s new film, simply titled The Emoji Movie.


The stunt, done by Miller in an extravagant yellow suit, preceded the unveiling of the first official trailer for the film, in which Miller plays Gene, an emoji that works with Jailbreak (Anna Faris) in an adventure through a teen’s phone.

GoPros attached to the actor’s parachute caught the whole thing for a live stream, as he said, “I don’t know if we’re even live, but this is it! We are parasailing live into Cannes!” The actor also continuously referred to the famed city as “gun.”

The Emoji Movie co-stars James CordenSteven Wright, and Rob Riggle, and features Patrick Stewart as the poop emoji. The film is directed by Tony Leondis, produced by Michelle Raimo, and scripted by Mike White and Eric Siegel.

Cannes is an industry-only film festival that is now in it’s 70th year.

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