Jake Lacy revealed that his favorite scene wasn’t used in the final cut of The White Lotus

The actor spoke with uInterview found Erik Meers at New York ComicCon in October about filming the first season of the HBO show.

Lacy described a scene where Murray Bartlett, who played the eccentric hotel manager Armond, is trying to take back his business card from Lacy’s character Shane.

“I thought it was so funny that I kept laughing while we were rehearsing,” Lacy told uInterview.

He said the show’s creator, Mike White, asked why Lacy was laughing.

“I was like, ‘oh, i just think it’s funny. I just think it’s really funny.’ And he was like, ‘oh, let’s do it.’” 

Bartlett, Lacy and Molly Shannon, who played Kitty, then worked on incorporating the awkward laughter into the scene.

“Murray would start laughing uncomfortably and then Molly, who’s also there and doesn’t know what’s happened, she would start laughing,” Lacy said. “And we spent like an extra 40 minutes filming everybody doing this laugh.”

Lacy expressed his appreciation for White being open to trying new things during filming.

“They didn’t use it, which makes sense in the scene when I saw it cut together. But that level of freedom and collaboration where Mike was like, ‘that’s funny, let’s do that. Let’s take an hour to figure out what this is.’ You know, it’s that feeling.”

The actor, whose character is notoriously rude and entitled throughout the season, said fans loved Shane.

“They’re like, ‘oh, we loved hating you. Yeah, you were such a d—.’ Like, yeah, that’s great.”
The new season of The White Lotus premiered at the end of October.

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