Sarah Jessica Parker received an enthusiastic welcome at New York Advertising Week on Wednesday morning as she shared her Instagram tips with a packed audience of industry executives.

The former Sex & The City star now runs the fashion line SJP Collection, which she promotes heavily on the photo sharing platform. “The business is always being scrutinized by a very informed consumer [on Instagram],” she said. “It’s very different than [the fashion industry] used to be. You are constantly considering what [the audience] wants, what they are thinking.”

Parker revealed that she approves every Instagram post personally. “Oh, my god! The agony! We labor over even caption, over every word. It’s like raising teenager — every word is important! We split the atom because we should be.”

She also offered advice to aspiring entrepreneurs in the audience. “Try not to focus on results because then you are not focused on what is uniquely yours,” Parker mused. “Why does this demand your attention and thoughts? What is exciting and something fresh?”

Instagram, which recently passed 800 monthly users, is offering a new medium for interacting with fans, the actress noted. “It’s the best way to conduct my relationships with the people who follow me. I never thought I would get to have a conversation with the [people] I’ve had relationships for the last 20 years,” Parker said. “That gang of 10 million women. I finally had the chance to thank them for the time spent with me and the dollars spent to see us. The best part of the experience — our paths will never cross — I could finally have a conversation with them.”