On Saturday October 7, the rapper Cornell Haynes Jr., commonly known as Nelly, was arrested in response to a rape accusation made earlier that morning. Nelly has categorically denied the accusations, tweeting that he is “completely innocent” and “confident… that [he] is the victim of a false accusation.”

According to the press release written by the Auburn Police Department, the assault described by the woman in question occurred in Nelly’s tour bus just hours before the police were called. After the initial investigation by Patrol Officers, the rapper was taken into police custody from his tour bus and released some time later that day without charge.

After Nelly was released from police custody, his lawyer Scott Rosenblum released a statement of innocence to TMZ. Rosenblum described the accusation as “devoid of credibility and… motivated by greed and vindictiveness.” However, this is not the Grammy award-winning rapper’s first encounter with a criminal investigation.

In April 2015, Nelly faced a felony drug possession charge after a search of his tour bus lead to the discovery of marijuana, handguns, a substance believed to be methamphetamine and various pieces of drug paraphernalia. Nelly later plead guilty to the minor crimes of misdemeanor possession of marijuana and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia.

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