Olivia Jade Giannulli filed a trademark application for “Olivia Jade Beauty,” but it reportedly was denied by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office due to poor punctuation.

The USPTO sent a letter to the 19-year-old which is dated March 15, warning her that her filing was in danger of abandonment due to poor punctuation and vagueness of language.

According to the document, the USPTO wrote that the “applicant must correct the punctuation in the identification to clarify the individual items in the list of goods.”

The USPTO took issue with the fact that the items that Giannulli wished to trademark in her makeup kit: “make-up, setting spray, lipstick, lip gloss,” weren’t separated by commas and could be interpreted as a single entity.


The letter also took note of the of the vagueness of Giannulli’s trademark. The trademark, which included items such as “make up kits” and “moisturizer,” was too broad in terms of language.

The USPTO asked for further clarification” on items such as those.

Giannulli’s trademark seems to be a pretty recent filing. Sephora and others companies like it, dropped her from their label when news of the college admission scandal broke out.

Giannulli has six months to resubmit her application before the office abandons it.

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