Grumpy cats, fluffy cats, big cats and little cats are all the subjects of memes, loving tributes and viral pictures and videos daily on social media. And in 2002, International Cat Day was created by the International Fund for Animal Welfare, and every August 8th social media is flooded by the cute felines.

This year, Nicole Kidman took time to post a throwback to her childhood on Instagram sharing three different photos of her childhood kitties.


Kidman wasn’t the only celebrity to get in on the celebration. Actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt tweeted “Ok, fine. I’ll jump in on this… #InternationalCatDay” and shared a throwback as well. 

British actress Thandie Newton shared an adorable photo of her daughter Nico, posing alongside their pet kitten that earned comments from fellow celebrities. Westworld actress Angela Sarafyan commented “Two cute kittens!!! 💛” in response to Newton’s post.

And of course, Star Wars actor Mark Hamill was sure to remind us that cats are one with the force tweeting out a feline light-saber battle gif.

Anchor Katie Couric wished us a happy International Cat Day from her and her “grandkitties” as she calls them.


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