Lindsay Lohan took to Instagram over the weekend to post a screenshot of a FaceTime conversation with Mean Girls co-star and love interest Jonathan Bennett (Aaron Samuels).


It doesn’t quite count as a Mean Girls reunion but it is the second Insta post related to the 2004 blockbuster in the past week.

#nice #friends #j #Люблю #theworldisbiggerthan5 #facetime #iphone7 #stevenuniverseJOBS

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On October 3, which is widely recognized as National Mean Girls Day, she posted a conversation with another co-star, Laura Slater. She asked what day it was, referencing one of the most quoted lines from the film.

@_lauraslater #deal ? #nationalmeangirlsday #mynailbedssuck

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But if you’re thinking reunion, guess again. At least Bennett would not participate. “If anyone asks me one more time if there’s going to be a Mean Girls reunion,” he told Us Weekly a year ago, “I’m going to kill someone.”

“No! There’s not going to be a Mean Girls reunion! Stop trying to make it happen! It’s not going to happen!” This last line was said in jest, as it also references a famous scene in the film, when a character wants to make ‘fetch’ into the new big buzz word.

Meanwhile, Lohan is recovering from a recent boating accident in which the tip of her finger was ripped off by the boat’s anchor rope of the coast of Turkey. She has been visiting refugee families in Turkey.

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