Rapper Lil Baby has been released by French police after being detained with his bodyguard for having marijuana on him, according to officials.

The American rapper was arrested on Thursday along one of France’s most upscale avenues lined with high-end designer stores while in town for Fashion Week. Lil Baby was with his bodyguard and NBA star James Harden when they were stopped by French police after a strong smell of marijuana was coming from their car, officials say.

A video recorded by a bystander that was shared on Twitter shows Harden and another man being searched. Harden is heard saying, “It’s ok,” and “I don’t understand.” According to the bystander, it was evident the policemen had no idea Harden and Lil Baby are American celebrities.

French officials say Lil Baby refused to allow police to search his car and due to the language barrier he had no idea what was happening. Harden was only frisked by police while Lil Baby and his bodyguard were taken into custody on suspicion of transporting drugs after police found 32 grams of marijuana in the car.

According to the Prosecutor’s office, Lil Baby and his bodyguard were released on Friday morning after paying fines. Lil Baby tweeted after his release.

Harden has yet to release a statement to the public but posted to his Instagram story of he and Lil Baby shopping at Louis Vuitton in France today.

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