On October 23, Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm premiered on the streaming service Amazon Prime Video. Sacha Baron Cohen was back as the iconic Borat with his usual antics of annoying people who are unaware that his character is meant to prank them. One notable change was that the film is missing Ken Davitian’s character Azamat Bagatov, Borat’s pudgy short-tempered producer and companion from the first movie. Azamat was known for being constantly annoyed by Borat’s behavior and repeatedly tried to dissuade him from leaving New York to go across the country.

Before the movie was released, numerous fans were curious as to what Azamat’s role would be in the sequel and asked Davitian on what he would be doing as the character. Davitian recently revealed that he had not even been asked to appear in Borat: Subsequent Moviefilm and has not really been close with Cohen.

When asked about why was left out of the film Davitian said, “A lot of people have called, they’ve seen him shooting it around, even my grandkids ask, Aren’t you in it? But there’s been no contact.”

Many people were disappointed to learn that Davitian would not be in the film again. Despite Davitian’s absence, Azamat is mentioned in the movie in a scene at the beginning. During this scene, Borat is ordered by the Premier of Kazakhstan Nursultan Nazabayev (Dani Popescu) to deliver a gift to Mike Pence during his next documentary in the United States. When Borat states that he will need Azamat to film the documentary, the Premier reveals that he had Azamat executed for the first documentary’s failure and used flesh to make the chair that Borat is sitting in. Borat stands up to find the chair containing Azamat’s graphic body parts and gives a brief look of shock before moving on with indifference.

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