The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) has elected a new Board of Directors. Following a change in the bylaws requiring three non-members to be elected, there were 12 members elected with the remaining three to be determined for a total of 15 members. 

The new board is as follows: Helen Hoehne, Gabriel Lerman, Sabrina Joshi, Yukiko Nakajima, Scott Orlin, Kirpi Uimonen, Henry Arnaud, Barbara de Oliveira Pinto, Barbara Gasser, Tina Johnk Christensen, Greet Ramaekers and Armando Gallo

Five of the members have never served as directors before: Arnaud, Lerman, Joshi, Gasser and Ramaekers. The new board is more diverse with two-thirds of the board being women.

Just days before the Golden Globes this year, the HFPA came under harsh criticism after it was revealed that the organization had no black members.

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