On tonight’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy, Meredith and Karev listen to Maggie on the drive into work, complain that Riggs now has all of the power although he’s her subordinate at work and it’s not right. Meredith tries to focus the conversation on Karev and his situation to no avail.

Arizona returns to the hospital and gives an update on her family to Webber. She sees DeLuca for the first time and is taken aback. She doesn’t ask him much but it’s clear she has a lot of questions for later.

An accident within a funeral procession take everyone’s attention, especially Ben’s. Disturbed that he’s too excited about it, Bailey sends him to pick up her son from school.

Two of the victims, brother and sister, argue while being examined. Their mother, who wasn’t hurt, rushes in to check on everyone and asks Amelia for updates. She marvels that her husband, whose funeral it was, is the only one unscathed. He is being stored in a room, something that Webber is very angry about.


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A pregnant woman admits on the exam table that she is the one who caused the accident. It turns out she’s another daughter of the deceased but hasn’t been around. She knows that this won’t help.

Arizona confronts Karev about his fight and asks why he didn’t return any of her calls or texts. She explains her awkward position since they are such close friends and DeLuca is her roommate. Karev says he doesn’t have anything to say and that he knows what he did was wrong. He’s been hearing it from everyone.

Riggs and Meredith run into each other as they’re waiting to get their patients into the operating room. He asks how Maggie is and tells Meredith he thinks they should tell her the truth about them having sex. Meredith thinks it’s a horrible idea.

April brings Harriet to the hospital and tells Avery she’s just there “to go for a walk.” He calls her bluff and knows she’s just eager to see what’s happening in the ER. She guilts him into going along with it by tugging at his heartstrings with their cutie.

Amelia tells the Mother of the people involved in the accident about the pregnant Daughter, Kara, who caused the accident. Amelie is surprised at the family’s disgusted reaction at her even planning to show up to the funeral at all. Amelia directs the widow to where her husband is being kept. She shares the news with her deceased husband that Kara returned. She’s the only one who seems happy about it and it’s clear her husband would have been too.

Arizona talks to Owen about Karev.

Ben arrives back at the hospital with Tucker and informs Bailey that he was in a fight. He also reveals that the principal said they already told Bailey this on the phone. She acts aloof saying she forgot. Ben isn’t buying it but Bailey says she doesn’t have time to talk about it.

Maggie vents to Amelia about the Riggs situation. After hearing more of the story, Amelia is a little skeptical about what’s going on.

The men from the funeral home arrive to take the deceased to the gravesite and Stephanie tells the widow it’s time for her to say goodbye. After what seems like her sobbing, it turns out she’s suffocating and Stephanie yells for help.

Stephanie, Maggie, and Amelia try to revive the widow.

Ben checks in on his son in Bailey’s office and he learns that Bailey hasn’t even spoken to their son yet. Ben finds her and asks why she hasn’t yelled at him yet. She says she’s so busy yelling at everyone at the hospital, the last thing she wants to do is yell at her son.

April longingly watches her friends working.

Estranged daughter Kara is still stressed out about causing the accident as it’s the worst thing that could’ve happened given their relationship. She doesn’t know yet what’s happened to her mother.

DeLuca asks Arizona if he needs to move out. She tells him of course not and assures him that they’re ok.

After all of their attempts to save her, the widow has passed away as well. Amelia doesn’t want to accept it. Arizona comes in to see what happened and isn’t looking forward to sharing the news with the family. The news doesn’t go well and it makes all of the siblings extremely angry with Kara. Kara’s brother barges into her exam room and blames her for everything. The stress causes the need for an emergency C-section for Kara.

Ben tells Bailey that he’s Tucker’s parent too, although not biological, so he can dole out the punishment.

Amelia decides to have a funeral for the widow at the hospital, even though it’s not exactly allowed. She also lets Maggie vent more about Riggs and Meredith’s lack of sympathy but speak in code in front of an uninterested Stephanie.

As one of the daughters says goodbye to the widow, she screams for the doctors and says her mother squeezed her hand. As the three doctors try to explain that it’s normal for the body to have residual movements the daughter is certain her mother is alive. Just as they try to calmly explain that she’s not, the widow wakes and sits up in the bed.

Bailey and Webber get the update on the widow from Maggie, Amelia, and Stephanie. They are not impressed. Bailey yells at them with a reminder that this isn’t acceptable. They can’t exactly tell families of a death that isn’t confirmed.
April and Karev commiserate outside of an operating room, both complaining about how much they miss surgery. Karev reminds April that at least she knows she’ll be doing it again soon.

Ben’s form of punishment is showing Tucker pictures of DeLuca after the fight, saying that is the result of fighting.

Stephanie can’t believe her luck witnessing someone coming back to life.

Kara’s baby was delivered perfectly but Kara has complications.

Riggs tells Meredith about the miracle widow and how she seems to be recovering well. Meredith is skeptical at that possibility since she was dead for so long. He then tries to create a nice moment talking about miracle dreams involving their late spouses not really being dead. Meredith first says she’s never dreamed of Derek coming back to life and leaves. She comes back and admits she actually has and reiterates that the widow is probably suffering from heavy damage.

The widow is recovering and asks her other children how Kara is doing. They say she’s fine but don’t seem to care one way or another. Amelia has had it with them bashing her and tries to talk some sense into the siblings. The widow supports what Amelia had to say.

April admits to Avery that she’s so bored at home with Harriet. He takes Harriet and tells April to go take another look around the hospital to hold her over.

Kara’s brother and sister share the news that their mother is alive again and they seem to make up thanks to Amelia.

Bailey is impressed at Ben as Tucker willingly hands over his phone and says he’ll apologize to the kid he fought with.

Outside, Riggs happily tells Meredith that the widow has a clean bill of health. Amelia brings Maggie to Meredith so they can talk. They decide to go out to dinner. Maggie tells Meredith she knows she’s been complaining a lot and asks if there’s anyone she’s been interested in lately. Meredith says no.

Arizona tells Karev how mad she is at him for what happened and how much she could have used his help today in surgery but he messed up. He completely agrees and tells her all he can do is keep doing his time working in the clinic and try to get back to where he was. Her only option is to say ok.

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