The Internet is not a safe place, as we all know. Even the Twitter accounts of President Barack Obama, MSNBC and Bill O’Reilly have been hijacked, but instead of burying themselves in the secrets of hacking, pranksters everywhere have began a new trend of celebrity parodies: fake twitters. And why not? They’re simple outlets that poke fun at the silliness of celebs’ fame, scandals, infamous lifestyles and personalities, 140 characters at a time. Anyone can do it as long as you’ve some creativity and an e-mail account. Here are some of the most entertaining fake celebrity twitters and some samples of what you can find there.

1) @LindsayInJail

Subsequent to the troubled actress’ sentence to prison, a fan (or foe?) has created an account making fun of LiLo’s probable princessy whines in jail. With hilarious, ignorant and ironic commentaries on her imprisoned life, any fan of pop culture should find @LindsayInJail the one of the most relevant humor Twitter to follow. After all, don’t you care what her life is like?

Favorite Tweets: "Dreading another shower tomorrow. I’m scared straight in more than one way.", "@LadyGaga @beyonce I GO IN TOMORROW. BUST ME OUT, BRING THE PUSSY WAGON."


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2) @Floptina

Think Christina Aguilera was trying way too hard with Not Myself Tonight? You’re not the only one. With lackluster sales on the new album and harsh criticisms for her new overtly sexual image, a prankster has taken the opportunity to laugh at the pop star’s desperateness and self-important attitude. Ouch, Xtina!

Favorite Tweet: "the heart on my pussy represents me being a mother and the love i have for max. it was not a publicity stunt, people are just so silly"


3) @michael_bay

Transformers director Michael Bay knows he’s awesome … which is why he’s widening his Internet presence just to show fans what an ‘F’yeah!’ badass he is. You have to credit these fake tweeters for really getting into character, so much so that Twitter made the prankster responsible verify the account as fake. But is it their fault the posts are that believable? You be the judge.

Favorite Tweets: "I think I’ll start the day by giving myself an orgasm with nothing but my mind, a mirror, and this icy stare.", "10,000 Followers. There better be 10,000 f’ing lattes on my desk by 0600. BOOOOOOOM."



Mel Gibson is an angry, angry man with an issue or two. With this twitter parody, followers can read all about the actor’s infamous sleaze, anti-Semitic remarks and homophobia. Seems like you’ve dug yourself up quite an amount of material there, Mel.

Favorite Tweets: "Can anyone PROVE that I punched my baby daughter? Of course not. If she looks like a retarded alien fish it’s because of her mother’s genes.", "Whenever I hear enthusiasm about True Blood, I get a false sense of hope because true rhymes with jew, and, well, you catch my drift."

5) @chicky

The username’s a bit ambiguous, but this Twitter account belongs to no one other than the "unretired" Amanda Bynes, the teen star who recently became somewhat relevant again (or was she ever?) The actress is often posting random quotes, repetitive "wisdom," and helping her followers understand slang abbreviations, such as "BF = boyfriend" and "GF = girlfriend". How thoughtful!

Wait, this is actually a real Twitter? Well, shit, no pranks there — the account’s verified. Doesn’t take away that it’s still very laughable.

Favorite Tweets: " I only smile if I’m happy if you catch me smiling I’m happy", "film = movie", " scrumptious = delicious"


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    AndyBankin on

    A film IS a movie. I just didn't put it together before. Thanks Amanda!

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