I can’t help feeling bad for Jennifer Aniston. It’s been 5 years after her break up with Brad, and the poor girl gets dumped by every guy she goes out with. Who can forget how Angelina, the dark haired harridan, stole her husband. But that was just the most famous, the most public, of her romantic disasters. She also dated John Mayer. I cringed when I saw photos of the two together knowing that only heartache could be in store for my favorite girl-next-door. Didn’t her Momma tell her to stay away from guys with guitars? Apparently not, and Jennifer was heartbroken again. Then she dated career party boy Vince Vaughn, and there was no way that was going to end well. Now reports are popping up everywhere of my favorite Friend getting mushy with Gerard Butler at the Golden Globes and I find myself wanting to cry out, "No Jenny! It’s just going to happen again."

Maybe I’m only seeing Jennifer Aniston through her Friends character – the beautiful, vulnerable, well meaning, too trusting, victim, but I can’t help feeling bad for her. What will 2010 hold for my favorite celebrity girl? I fear the worst. Jen just doesn’t make good decisions and I know she needs a little advice. So who should it be? Jennifer Aniston has been known to read my blog posts, and I was wondering who the perfect guy would be for Jen in 2010; the guy who will break the pattern of humiliating breakups and maybe give her the family (think: children) we’ve known that Jen has hoped for for some time now.

First of all, no rock stars and no athletes. John Mayer has shown us all we need to know about the music men and Tiger will suffice for an example of what happens to famous young men who are constantly traveling and sleeping in hotels. Jen has to stick to show business. But who? I say, stay away from the younger men Jen, the only thing they’re after is a good time. Here’s a suggestion: Dennis Quaid. We know he’s available, having recently split from long time partner Meg Ryan. The two were together for over twenty years, so we know Quaid is stable. We know he goes in for the "America’s Sweetheart" thing. So he’s a little older. Catherine Zeta-Jones married Michal Douglas and look how well that worked out. They’re still married, they have a bunch of kids. Jennifer doesn’t know it, but she’s more mature than these young party boys she always lets herself get swept away by. She needs someone with a little experience whose swinging days are behind him.

If anyone else has any good suggestions, I suggest you post them. Jen needs all the help she can get and I know she will be checking here periodically to see if anyone has any good ideas for her.

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