Jonathan Van Ness has had a big year. He released his book Over The Top in which he revealed to the world he is HIV positive. He became a New York Times’ best-selling author. The new season of Queer Eye has just been released, and the cast recently traveled to Japan. He’s also running a podcast Getting Curious.

Van Ness clearly needed a break from all the work. He revealed on his Instagram this week that he recently traveled to Amsterdam with friends and family.

He posted pictures and videos of himself and his mother, friends and, of course, the stunning scenery of Amsterdam including a video filmed on a boat traveling throughout the city, where you could truly see the beauty on full display.

Van Ness said he has been “getting curious, connecting, and recharging” while on this trip.


Known for advocating for issues such as climate change, social justice and breaking the stigma around HIV, the reality star said he wants to “come back to work, advocate, and educate heading into 2020.”

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