Afrojack is currently on an international tour for his latest album Forget The World which he released in May of last year.

While performing in London over the weekend, Afrojack decided to go site-seeing and explore some of the more iconic landmarks of the country. The notoriously tall music producer, who stands at an astounding, 6’10”, took a couple of selfies with some unsuspecting tourist near Big Ben and just barely was able to squeeze himself into the classic red telephone box before striking a pose in front of the gates at Buckingham Palace.

My arm is a selfie stick

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Forget The World, is Afrojack’s debut studio album, and includes singles such as “As Your Friend” featuring Chris Brown, “The Spark” featuring Spree Wilson and “Dynamite” featuring Snoop Dogg. The Grammy-winning music producer is also one of the featured DJ’s at the Omnia Night Club in Las Vegas and San Diego where he can be spinning a couple nights a week. The Forget The World Tour continues in Brazil next and will travel Europe and the U.S. by the end of the year.

To get flight and hotel information to London, check here. For ticket and tour information for Afrojack’s current tour, check here.

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