Afrojack achieved celebrity status as a superstar DJ, touring the world to play in clubs and at festivals before even releasing an album. His debut album Forget the World was released on May 19 and it includes collaborations with a variety of stars. Featured artists go from Snoop Dogg to Sting and Chris Brown to 30 Seconds to Mars, which helps the album appeal to a wide audience.

Forget the World includes three singles previously released, “Ten Feet Tall,” “The Spark” and “As Your Friend.” Budweiser used “Ten Feet Tall,” which features Wrabel, for their commercial that aired during the Super Bowl; this launched the song into mainstream culture and even gave Wrabel a chance to promote his pop music career. “The Spark” features Spree Wilson, who sings, “Could it be the big dream you’ll find? No more waiting ‘cause it’s almost time. Everything is going to be alright.” The other single, “As Your Friend,” appeals to dance music fans, as well as R&B fans thanks to featured singer Chris Brown.

I love the way Afrojack’s beat mixes with Snoop Dogg’s voice on “Dynamite.” The surprising collaboration works great. Similarly, “Three Strikes” featuring Jack McManus keeps listeners interested thanks to a beat that sounds unique from the rest of the beats on the album. “We’ll Be Ok,” which also feature Wrabel, sounds club ready, and I can already see this song becoming one of the most popular club songs of the summer.

One of the most distinctive songs on the album is “Mexico” featuring Shirazi. This song is a perfect way to break up the album; it’s slower than the other songs and Shirazi’s voice is softer than most of the other features on the album. This ended up being one of my favorite songs because one would not expect to hear it on an Afrojack album. “Mexico” truly makes this album stand out from other dance albums and shows Afrojack’s diversity.

Forget the World should attract music lovers, no matter their favorite genre. One can hear rappers, pop singers, and R&B singers all on one album thanks to Afrojack, who provides people of any background with great music. Hopefully, Afrojack will continue to push the limits as his career develops and he grows as a musician.

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