Vizio’s name is one you’ve likely heard of if you’re looking for a new television. The 2017 Vizio M series televisions are their latest contribution to the market, and they’re worth keeping an eye on.


A 2017 M series TV isn’t top of the line in its picture quality or its aesthetics (the latter of which is near indistinguishable from the last M series TV), but it nevertheless is a recommended option. Vizio reverted back to a tried and true remote control for this set, rather than a tablet. Correspondingly, unremarkable smart TV menus have been restored. (However, you can still use Vizio’s SmartCast smartphone app if you’re so inclined.)

Vizio M Series TV

Vizio M Series TV (Image: Vizio)

According to CNET’s review, the menu requires an inconsiderate amount of time to load, and the meager 13 apps don’t quite justify the wait. Four of its apps are of note — Amazon, Hulu, Netflix and Vudu — but usual suspects like HBO and YouTube are unaccounted for. However, you can utilizes other apps, including YouTube, through Chromecast compatibility.

Thankfully, this M series TV fares much better in its picture quality. It offers a 60Hz refresh rate, 4K visuals and support for HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Moreover, the set’s contrast and black levels are enhanced with Vizio’s XLED Plus, which is also known as local dimming. Its display more than suffices for those who want a nice, clean and bright display.

The 2017 M series TV forgoes a TV tuner, rendering it unable to receive local stations that transmit through antennas or over-the-air. However, it does have four HDMI inputs, an ethernet port, a component video input and one USB port.

You can find Vizio M sets at different prices and sizes. One of the better deals as of this writing would probably be Amazon’s $1,493.98 price point for the 70-inch set.

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