Cutting Edge Products is about to enrich your travel time with their new Mozzie hoverboard. Built with intricate components, this hoverboard is satisfying for hover fans.


Mozzie Hoverboards (Image: Cutting Edge Products)

Mozzie Hoverboards (Image: Cutting Edge Products)

Fortunately, the first thing you should be aware of is that Mozzie hoverboards do meet the UL 2272 standard, meaning they should not burst into flames like hoverboards of years past.

According to CNET’s hands-on preview, controlling your Mozzie is done through pushing the power button and tilting your feet. Leaning or adjusting one foot forward will cause the Mozzie to turn. CNET’s assessor noted how the combination of the hoverboard’s 8-inch rubber wheels moving on the pavement was uncomfortable for his knees, although he appreciated how the wheel’s size allowed them to move over any cracks without issue.

As with many devices released in this era, the Mozzie hoverboard comes with a companion app for smartphones. There, you can keep tabs on the board’s status, including its battery and temperature. Moreover, you can also adjust the board’s setting, allowing you to fine tune your ride to your preferences. You can even alter the coloration of the LED lights that adorn the front and back of your hover board. Plus, your smartphone and the Mozzie’s Bluetooth connection can work in conjunction with each other to play music through the board’s built-in speakers.

Mozzie hoverboards come in three colors – blue, black and red – and cost $549, which, while not an inconsiderable sum of money, is rather reasonable for a hoverboard. So, if you’d like to utilize one, then Mozzie looks to be a solid purchase. Along with the Mozzie, the package also includes a SafeEdge battery, a charger and an instruction manual.

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