Lenovo brings us yet another laptop as apart of its Yoga series, the 910. Although it may look like the Yoga laptops that came before it, the Yoga 910 has some intriguing specs that might give competitors a run for their money.

The Lenovo Yoga 910 comes packed with a Core i7 standard processor. The seventh-generation Core i7 processor gives it a distinctive edge, accessing smooth 4K and 360-degree experiences (for all you gamer folks out there). The Yoga 910’s battery life is also impressive, providing more than 10-plus hours of usage after a day of charging.

The Yoga 910 has a beautiful display as well, giving you 13.9 inches of screen. The Yoga’s stylish appeal speaks to creativity and professionalism all in one. Also, who can forget Lenovo’s signature watchband hinge, which also comes with the Yoga 910 series.

Of course, nothing is perfect in this world. The Lenovo 910 series doesn’t have an SD card slot, and its loud fan can be a nuisance in quiet areas. And, as sophisticated as the fingerprint reader is, many have complained that it isn’t very reliable at times, stating that a webcam identifier would suffice.

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The Good: Standard Core i7 processor gives power and increase in receptivity. Long battery life (up to 10 hours or more), beautiful and sleek 13.9-inch display screen.

The Bad: Loud fans, fingerprint reader issues, no SD card slot.

Overall, the Lenovo Yoga 910 is an amazing laptop and has much to offer when it comes to power, design and versatility.

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