The Insta360 One is a shiny, new camera that’s slated for release this month for $300. However, while there isn’t a shortage of qualified cameras on the market, the One may be the only one you’ll need going forward.


The One has two 24-megapixel cameras in addition to a gyroscope, which secures your picture’s focus. Nevertheless, while the image quality isn’t the top of the class (specifically, it maxes out at 4K at 30 frames per second), the novelty of its shots is.

The camera instinctively turns on when it is removed from its case. (The case can also serve as a stand for the One, which is appreciated.) CNET‘s preview was grateful for how convenient this hassle-free activation proves to be; their writer was swiftly able to snap a shot of two dogs playing together uninterrupted. Alternatively, you can connect the One to your iPhone. (Android phones are currently incompatible, although Insta360’s website mentions how support for the platform is “coming soon.”)

The FreeCapture feature will allow you to create the perfect shot with the One’s 360-degree capabilities. SmartTrack is another feature that will come in handy, particularly for capturing video. This feature allows you to select one point of interest and center it in the frame. In terms of its specs, the device hosts a microSD card slot and its typical battery life is clocked at 70 minutes. Charging the camera is achieved through its Micro-USB port. Moreover, Insta360’s IP68 waterproof technology protects the camera from liquid as well as dust.

Reception to the One seems to be positive thus far, and Twitter users have also shared their artistic creations, showcasing what the One is capable of:

The Insta360 One will start shipping later this month. It can currently be ordered from Insta360’s website and certain third-party outlets. An 8GB microSD card is included.

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