Previously on part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion we said goodbye to the intolerable PigK and the ladies were joined by Eden Sassoon and Kim Richards. After the ladies discussed the drama surrounding Kim’s sobriety, Andy asked Kim what happened to the bunny Rinna gave her for her grandson.  Kim brought the bunny to the reunion and gave it back to Rinna, citing that she didn’t believe the gift came from a good place. Rinna, feeling humiliated, cried and left the stage.  Part two of the reunion concluded with Kim walking backstage to find Rinna. On the third and final part of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion the ladies deal with the fallout from #Bunnygate and Rinna’s alleged Xanax addiction is discussed.

RHOBH S7E21 Recap: Reunion Part Three

Part three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion opens with Kim walking backstage to explain herself to Rinna. Rinna doesn’t want to talk to Kim because she feels humiliated by her. The ladies continue to bicker as they walk back towards the stage with Rinna calling Kim a “sick woman”.

Back on stage, Kim refers to Rinna as “not well” and Rinna fires back by saying “you just want to be on the show and I’m your meal ticket”. Kyle thinks Rinna’s comment is stupid because Kim is a RHOBH OG and was on for more seasons than Rinna.

After a brief revisiting of Rinna’s confrontation in Mexico, Eileen interjects to say something to Kim. She points out that it was Kim who turned game night weird by inserting herself into the drama with Dorit and attacking Rinna and Eileen.  Kim talks over Eileen and patronizingly refers to she and Rinna as the soap twins.  Andy stops the ladies’ argument and asks Rinna how she feels about her relationship with Kim. Rinna says that she realizes that she and Kim will never be friends and she’s perfectly ok with that.

Andy then brings up Rinna’s bag of pills and alleged Xanax addiction. Immediately Dorit attempts to deflect blame onto Eden for causing the Xanax drama. Erika defends Eden and tells Dorit that that isn’t true. Erika thinks it is convenient that Dorit brought up Rinna’s bag of pills in Mexico and that Dorit has a habit of taking a joke and turning it into a serious issue. Rinna then pulls out her bag of pills and begins naming each pill. Andy asks Rinna if she has ever put a Xanax in a smoothie to which she swears she hasn’t.

As Andy is about to say goodbye to Eden and Kim, Eileen asks Kim why she looks down on her for being a soap actress.  Kim says that soap actors aren’t the same as real actors and insinuates that Eileen is dramatic. Eileen in turn calls Kim very dramatic to which Kim begins repeating a weird mantra of “this is real life, this isn’t acting”. As Eileen attempts to communicate with Kim, Kim keeps repeating her mantra over her. Eileen eventually finds out that Kim dislikes her mainly because Eileen supports Rinna as a friend. Done with Kim’s drama, Eileen tells Kim “you’re right, buh bye” and Eden and Kim leave the stage.

As Kim and Eden leave the stage, the remaining drama leaves with them. Andy and the women give their final opinion on the season and they all toast with smoothies (sans Xanax) “Long live The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills”. Although season 8 of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills hasn’t been confirmed yet,  I have no doubt that the housewives will be back for another drama-filled season.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Is very sensitive of any drug topics.
  • Says that she is not responsible for her sister Kim’s actions.
  • Believes all of the housewives are good people and cares about each one of them.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Doesn’t feel threatened that her son wants to meet his birth mother, but doesn’t want him to be disappointed.
  • Feels lighter this season than last.
  • Says that at this point she is willing to pass her crown on to another housewife.


  • Wants to boil the bunny like in Fatal Attraction.
  • Prefers Harry’s pies over his meat.
  • Thinks all the ladies need triple shots of Erika Jayne in their lives.


  • Felt crucified by Rinna when she said she didn’t remember certain events this season.
  • If she could go back in time she would definitely not give Erika the underwear.
  • Realizes that she can’t talk about something without it traveling throughout the group and becoming misconstrued.


  • Brought a “f*ck off” button to the reunion.
  • Posted a nude selfie on Instagram but her daughters made her take it down.
  • Thought Kyle’s remarks about her lips were mean spirited.


  • Doesn’t know the real definition of the word “glump”.
  • Her intentions are always good and she tries to clear the air and communicate with everyone.
  • Realizes that not everyone plays with the same deck of cards and may not be ready to talk things out.


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