Previously on part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion the ladies reunited to discuss the drama of the season, focusing primarily on Pantygate. After niceties were exchanged, Andy jumped right into the drama and welcomed Dorit’s husband and honorary housewife, PigK, to the stage.  Erika and PigK butted heads over the Pantygate scandal as the first part of the reunion drew to a close. On part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion Eden and Kim join the ladies and the drug allegations and discussions about Kim’s sobriety are revisited.

RHOBH S7E20 Recap: “Reunion Part Two”

Part two of the reunion opens in the middle of the Pantygate discussion and Erika telling PigK that she thinks he is a nasty person.  Lisa Vanderpump claims that it was Erika’s lack of a sense of humor that made Pantygate into a bigger deal than it should have been. Kyle interjects and says that it wasn’t funny to Erika because she was the only one not in on the joke.

As the discussion of Pantygate continues, PigK complains that he’s suffered a lot of punishment for the jokes he made about Erika. He claims that he has been wrongly accused of being a creep and a pervert by both Eileen and Rinna. Erika scoffs at PigK’s whining and tells him that she isn’t worried about his feelings.

Andy continues his questioning of PigK and addresses his comments about Erika’s “deep rooted issues with her marriage”. In true housewife fashion, PigK feigns amnesia and says he doesn’t remember talking about Erika’s marriage (despite the clip that was just played). As PigK starts to say “I’ve learned a lot this season”, Erika interrupts and asks “that you’re an ass?”.

With the tension between Erika and PigK growing Andy decides to bring up Rinna’s cocaine accusations.  Rinna blames Dorit for starting the Xanax rumor about her and retaliated by bringing up the behavior she observed at Dorit’s dinner party. Both Dorit and PigK vehemently deny the presence of cocaine at their party but Rinna remains steadfast and says “if we are going to talk about drugs, let’s be honest about it”.

PigK moves on from the cocaine allegations and apologizes again to Erika for his role in Pantygate. Despite his multiple apologies, PigK’s guilt seems disingenuous.  Erika, having heard enough from Dorit’s husband, yells “Get him off the stage”. PigK complains that Erika is not being nice to him to which she clapsback with “I’m not nice to YOU? Get the f*ck out of here”.

Luckily for my mental health, Andy says goodbye to PigK and welcomes Eden Sassoon and Kim Richards to the stage. After a montage of Eden’s uncomfortably long hugs, Eden calls Kyle out for making several mean spirited remarks about her this season. Kyle defends her behavior and says that she was put off by Eden’s probing questions and learning that Eden referred to her as weird and cold after game night.

The focus then turns to Rinna and Eden’s conversation about Kim’s sobriety. Kim calls Eden out for not following protocol when talking to or about a fellow sober person. Eden responds by saying that she does what she wants and won’t ever change who she is. Andy interjects and steers the conversation to Rinna, asking why she made those comments about Kim. Rinna explains that this was another case of retaliation and that she and Kim are in a better place now.

As the words leave Rinna’s mouth, Kim reaches behind the couch and reveals the bunny that Rinna had given to Kim’s grandson. Kim explains that she never gave the gift to her grandson because she didn’t feel that it had good energy. She then explains that only when Rinna is in a better place will she accept the gift.

Crystal queen Eden offers Kim a crystal to heal herself but Kim says she doesn’t need any healing (seems like you do, Kim). Rinna cries and leaves the stage and Eileen follows her. Backstage Rinna is consoled by Eileen and says that Kim just showed her true colors. Kyle tells Kim to explain to Rinna that she is superstitious and wasn’t being malicious by giving the bunny back. Kim meets Rinna as she is walking back on set and asks her if they can talk. Rinna rejects Kim’s offer to reconcile as part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills comes to an end.

The preview for the third and final installment of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion sees Rinna’s bag of pills being called into question and arguments erupting between Rinna and Dorit and Eileen and Kim. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for part three of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Owns six retail stores throughout the United States
  • Is not a fan of Eden’s long hugs

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Thought it was funny that PigK saw up Erika’s skirt.
  • Knew Eden’s father, Vidal, a little bit.


  • Performed at Christina Aguilera’s birthday.
  • Finally met Susan Lucci, whose character “Erica Kane” inspired Erika Jayne.


  • Supposedly is not jealous of Erika.
  • Owns a swimwear and resort wear company.


  • Claims to still have Eden’s “bottle of love” gift but has no idea where it is.
  • Says that Kim cannot demean her because she has a beautiful life and family.


  • Shooting The Young and The Restless with Erika again.
  • Thinks Kim was being calculated by bringing the bunny to the reunion.


  • Said this season was difficult for her to watch.
  • Used to look up to Kim when she was younger.


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