Previously on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills drama followed the ladies everywhere they went, with fights erupting in Beverly Hills, Mexico and Hong Kong. With the introduction of two newcomers, Dorit and Eden, came several substance abuse allegations and the dreaded Pantygate drama.  The tension among the housewives simmered all season long and eventually boiled over at Lisa Vanderpump’s “Diamonds and Rosé” party. On part one of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion, the ladies reunite and discuss some of the season’s drama and Dorit’s husband PigK joins the ladies to discuss his part in it all.

RHOBH S7E19 Recap: “Reunion Part One”

The ladies are all together for the first time since the explosive “Diamonds and Rosé” party on the season finale. After greeting each of the housewives, Andy wastes no time jumping into the season long drama between Erika and Dorit. A montage plays showing the various jabs Dorit made to Erika throughout the season, culminating with the junk boat brawl in Hong Kong and Erika’s bizarre breakdown at dinner.

After the clip is played, Dorit claims that each of the comments made about Erika were said in jest. Eileen scoffs at Dorit’s obvious bullshit and Erika says that there is always a drop of truth when someone says they are kidding. After a brief discussion of Erika’s upbringing and Hong Kong meltdown, Andy turns the focus to the drama that surrounded Rinna, Eileen, and Lisa Vanderpump earlier in the season.

Vanderpump, Eileen, and Rinna were at odds with each other because they harbored animosity surrounding the drama in the Hamptons and Dubai last season.  Eventually the ladies were able to make amends, but their tensions were reignited after Eileen and Rinna joined Erika in confronting Dorit in Hong Kong and at the “Diamonds and Rosé” party.

Moving on to the most contentious topic of the season, Pantygate, Andy invites PigK to join the stage. Andy asks PigK about his background and career and I immediately stopped listening. When questioned about his involvement in the ladies’ drama this season, PigK acknowledges that he shouldn’t have gotten involved as much as he did, but believes he was justified in defending Dorit.

With PigK’s arrival, the controversial Pantygate discussion begins, and a clip of PigK talking about how he “enjoyed the view” of Erika’s vagina is played. After the clip airs, Dorit immediately interjects and says that Pantygate wouldn’t have been as big of an issue if it weren’t for Eileen and Rinna fanning the flames. Dorit maintains her innocence in Erika’s wardrobe choice being turned into a season long story line, blaming Eileen and Rinna for the drama. Despite the clip showing otherwise, PigK claims that he never stared at Erika’s vagina and was met with skepticism from some of the other women. PigK then attempts to dismiss Erika’s humiliation and anger over the situation and the two share words. Part one of the reunion ends with Erika telling PigK that she doesn’t think Dorit is a nasty person but that she thinks he is.

The preview for part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion shows the continuation of Erika and PigK’s showdown, the arrival of Eden and Kim Richards, and Rinna walking off set after she and Kim square off. Tune in next Tuesday at 9pm EST for part two of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills reunion.

Housewives Side Notes:


  • Used to be called “Vile Kyle”.
  • Thinks Lisa Vanderpump enjoys seeing Rinna in the hot seat.
  • Became a mom at 19.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Agrees with Erika that Dorit talks too much.
  • Wants to strangle Rinna sometimes.
  • Used to refer to Eileen and Rinna as “Soapy and Sudsy”.


  • Is wearing the same shoes as Rinna.
  • Wants to win DWTS to bring the trophy back to Bravo’s clubhouse.
  • Always flies her glamsquad out in Business Class.


  • Has three full-time maids.
  • Speaks four languages fluently.
  • Wouldn’t wear a t-shirt dress to a party in Beverly Hills.


  • Is not wearing underwear.
  • Hopes PigK doesn’t look up her skirt.
  • Wants a creative director and best friend like Mikey.


  • Was offered Erika’s glamsquad to make amends after the Hong Kong meltdown.
  • Can see right through Vanderpump’s guise of “British humor”.
  • Her beliefs were confirmed, through Vanderpump’s interviews, that Vanderpump can be very spiteful and nasty.


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