Previously on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the women returned to Beverly Hills exhausted from the drama that ran rampant in Hong Kong. Some of the ladies processed Erika’s meltdown and Rinna’s accusations, while Dorit and PK discussed Rinna’s mental stability and Erika’s emotions and marriage. On the season finale of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills the ladies meet for the first time since Hong Kong at Lisa Vanderpump’s “Diamonds and Rosé” party where all hell breaks loose.

RHOBH S7E18 Recap: “Diamonds Under Pressure”

The episode opens in the middle of Lisa Vanderpump’s “Diamonds and Rosé” party. As the ladies file in, the underlying tension from the Hong Kong trip boils just under the surface. A clear division among the ladies is noticeable, as Dorit and Rinna keep their distance from one another.

At one end of the party, Eden sits with Eileen and Rinna where she is immediately confronted. Rinna is peeved that Eden didn’t defend her during the junk boat brawl in Hong Kong.  Eden, however, did actually confront Dorit for saying Rinna’s behavior seemed “induced.” Unfortunately for Eden, this was not good enough for Rinna who believed that Eden should’ve been more dynamic in the confrontation. Rinna says she is willing to be friendly with Eden, but does not trust her at all.

At the other end of the party, Dorit informs Kim of the accusations Rinna made against her in Hong Kong. Kim is shocked, and with a little help from Vanderpump’s instigations, confronts Rinna. Dorit approaches the women and explains to Rinna that she felt hurt by her accusations. Rinna lacks remorse and accuses Dorit of making similar drug accusations against her, all of which Dorit denies.

Rinna calls to Eden for backup since Eden confirmed in Hong Kong that Dorit was questioning her sobriety. Eden reaffirms Rinna’s statement but then immediately rescinds it because she doesn’t want to be involved in any drama. Eden grows angry with Rinna for involving her in the first place and fails to take responsibility for her own involvement. I was rooting for Eden this season, because she seemed misunderstood by the other women. However, Eden’s lack of responsibility for her failed relationships with Rinna and the Richards sisters leaves her looking a bit unhinged.

As Dorit and Rinna exchange verbal blows, Vanderpump seizes the opportunity to discredit Rinna’s claims against her last season. Vanderpump’s feelings about Dubai have been festering inside of her all season and she uses Rinna’s fight with Dorit to try and paint her as dishonest.  Thankfully, the ladies quickly snuff out Vanderpump’s attempted revival of the Dubai drama and Rinna and Dorit continue their fight. Dorit again plays her innocent card to which Rinna calls BS and brings up Pantygate.

Since he loves to involve himself in the women’s drama, PigK eavesdrops on the ladies’ conversation.  PigK joins the conversation and in between snorts, oinks, and grunts, he patronizingly (and repeatedly) calls Erika “honey” and says she is “inherently cold”. Eileen quickly jumps to Erika’s defense but is dismissed by PigK who refers to her as the “gallery”. Queen Eileen then shuts down PigK by saying “bye” to every comment he makes until he finally shuts up.

Despite a few more underhanded comments by PigK, Erika rises above and asks him if he believed that she flashed him intentionally. PigK says that he and Dorat know Erika’s flashing was unintentional. This is a lie, however, as the couple has alluded multiple times and to multiple people that Erika’s flashing was intentional. PigK and Dorat have made several disparaging remarks about Erika (and others) this season and either feign amnesia or claim the comments were said in jest. Here’s hoping that at the reunion Andy plays a montage of all the insults they have made so that they can’t feign their innocence any longer.

Eventually the women apologize and agree, yet again, to move past the drama. With things seemingly settled, Eden approaches Rinna and complains that Rinna has never really been present in their friendship. Rinna dismisses Eden and tells her that their relationship was done the moment Eden relayed information to Vanderpump. Eden erupts and tells Rinna to “f*ck off” and leaves the party. All of the guests are left in shock, none more than Rinna though, who only manages to utter a “wow”.  Kyle and Vanderpump laugh and sing together as the explosive party and season draw to a close.

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Housewives Side Notes:


  • She and Mauricio are completely remodeling their house.
  • Thinks Kim’s grandson looks more like her than Kim.
  • Wanted to curl up into a ball when the drama started.

Lisa Vanderpump:

  • Jokes (but is probably serious) that she is happy that Eden likes her more than she likes Rinna.
  • Thinks Rinna is undeniably likeable for some unknown reason.
  • Put glitter on her ponies’ hooves. PETA


  • Says Lisa Vanderpump is “obsessed with her puss”.
  • Believes no party is complete without a good cat fight.
  • Is willing to move forward with Dorit, albeit slowly.


  • Thinks Rinna’s accusations are a just a projection of her own personal problems.
  • Is genuinely sorry for embarrassing Erika with the Pantygate scandal.
  • Her son, Jagger, can now speak a handful of words. –Hopefully “Shut up, Dorit” are some of them.


  • Likes to let Lisa Vanderpump feel as though she has the power.
  • Had a narrow birth canal.
  • Prefers Erika’s hair to Dorit’s this episode because “cotton candy is more appetizing than bird shit”.


  • Can’t imagine Vincent ever treating a woman the way PigK does.
  • PigK makes her skin crawl. –Same.
  • Feels that Eden is a wounded person.


  • Shuts down with conflict.
  • Doesn’t want to be perceived as a trouble maker.
  • Believes Rinna has an awkward and evil energy.




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