With a fan base that has refused to be swayed over the years, Lucero have taken another step with their latest album Women & Work. The Tennessee natives have stuck to what they do best: the gritty guitars and raspy vocals courtesy of Ben Nichols. Women & Work focuses on exactly what the name suggests. The album sounds like a drive down a southern highway in the middle of summer while complaining about work and relationships with feisty women. It carries a distinct southern sound from the first track, “Downtown (Intro),” to the album’s closer, “Go Easy.”

However, Lucero have incorporated a bit of Memphis flare into Women & Work. Fans might not have anticipated the heavy use of horns on the album, but don’t be alarmed—everything blends really well.

The album takes a turn for lonesome with the track “I Can’t Stand To Leave You,” The song exhibits a softer side with lyrics like, “I see your face when I close my eyes/ I hear your name when the wind’s just right/ the setting sun, it’s gone once more/ each night is worse than the night before.” There is vulnerability in Nichols’s voice that acts both to sooth and to remind listeners of their own sad times.

Overall, Women & Work seems too comfortable. Lucero have not taken many risks or changed their style. Listeners should not expect anything even slightly new on this album. Lucero stick to what they know, and that is gracing the ears of listeners with a sound that could only be recognized as the love child of classic rock and roll and good ole country music.

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