Lily Allen’s new album, It’s not Me, It’s You, is becoming that quintessential Allen type. The album starts off strong with a flurry of drug references that make you feel like you’re actually sitting beside Allen doing coke in hurricane of confusion. "The Fear" goes further to perfect the persona she has created, one that is filled with hilarious quips and hand-crafted lyrics aimed at creating the idea of a woman of "mass consumption." She throws herself out there as Hilton and Spears, whose song she actually covers. Allen’s version of "Womanizer" is far more dark and calm with a strong piano and beat in the background, but I must say that I prefer the Spears’ version. But, there’s "Not Fair," a song that I think no one could have done better than Allen. The eccentric mannerisms and odd banjo pieces in the background destroys Allen’s lover (whoever that might be, only the tabloids can guess) for his – shall we say politely – inadequacies. Allen isn’t quite as subtle in her lyrics getting as graphic as only she would get. But the album isn’t only about relationships and the media, but also about her family. "Back to the Start" sounds like the slight techno, eccentric Allen sound but it addresses far deeper issues than she is used to. "That’s why I started to hate you so much," she confesses to a sister-like figure that was always prettier, always taller. She addresses her father and his absence in her life. She even goes on further in "Him" asking to be rescued from the world around her. She keeps her edges, addressing everything honestly and with a vigor that only she can get away with, but admits the faults in her life and the loneliness she feels. This album has the techno-rock Allen is known for and is musically and lyrically a superb album I’d recommend to most of my friends.

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