In part six of HBO‘s Big Little Lies, Madeline (Reese Witherspoon) starts realizing the magnitude of her affair, Celeste (Nicole Kidman) realizes that the abuse from her husband isn’t ending and Ziggy (Iain Armitage) won’t stop asking Jane (Shailene Woodley) about his father.


In quite possibly the most shocking and satisfying finale’s that I’ve ever witnessed, Big Little Lies delivers in its last episode. If you haven’t watched this show, now is the time to binge every episode in its glorifying perfection.

The episode begins with a distraught Celeste lying on the floor of her bathroom, she cowers in fear at the sight of her husband Perry (Alexander Skarsgård.) As he tries to console her, she tries backing away from him, clearly terrified of who she’s living with.

Madeline watches as a car drives slowly by her house then speeds up when she looks out the window. The car clearly belongs to Tori (Sara Sokolovic,) Joseph’s (Santiago Cabrera) wife. Madeline goes to Joseph’s office to tell him about seeing Tori but he dismisses her and says “see you at the party tonight,” as if he has something planned for her.

Celeste goes to her therapist and announces that she is leaving Perry the next day, after they attend the trivia night party tonight. A distraught Celeste is seen in her new apartment that she has fully furnished to escape with her kids.

When Ziggy tries skipping school by faking sick, Jane questions his motives for not going to school. He reveals to Jane that he knows who is hurting Amabella (Ivy George.) When he says that he swore not to tell, Jane makes him point at the person who did it. He reals that the culprit is Max (Nicholas Cravetti,) Celeste’s son.

Jane meets up with Madeline to tell her the information she just learned. Madeline tells Jane that she needs to reveal this information to Celeste herself. Renata’s (Laura Dern) husband Gordon (Jeffrey Nordling) shows up at the diner to tell Jane that she needs to stay away from his wife.

Jane tells Celeste what she knows about Max and Amabella. When Celeste learns this information, Jane tries reassuring her that kids grow out of it but Celeste says that sometimes people don’t grow out of violence, referring to her abusive husband. Celeste returns home to ask her son about what she just learned, the two of them cry as he reveals it to be true.

Gordon tells Renata what he said to Jane and Renata gets upset with him for interfering with things that don’t concern him. She says that she hates everybody at that school, except Jane. Renata clearly understands Jane’s position and sympathizes with her.

Perry tries flirting with Celeste in the shower, she plays along with his advances and kisses him but clearly has a wall built up in front of her as she prepares to leave him. As they’re readying to leave, Perry comes into the living room and tells Celeste that she has a new message from someone named Tracey, a property manager who wants to put fire alarms in her new apartment on Monday. A distraught Celeste realizes what is happening and walks slowly to the car, a look on her face that says she feels she is about to die.

Ed senses that there is something wrong with Madeline as she grows quiet at Trivia night. There is a constant stare match between Tori, Joseph, Madeline and Ed. As Ed goes up to sing his Elvis song, a distraught Madeline runs away as she realizes her horrible mistake. Jane chases her down to the courtyard near the stairs.

In the car on the way to Trivia Night, Perry begs Celeste to forgive him and not to leave him. He repeatedly reminds her that they are a family unit and they can’t be broken up. He locks her in the car but when Renata knocks on the door to say hello, Celeste jumps out of the car and runs away as fast as she can.

At Trivia Night, Celeste pulls Renata to the side and reveals that her son Max was the one who hurt Amabella. When Perry sees them whispering, he rushes over to find out what they’re talking about. Celeste refuses to tell him and trues rushing away.

Renata follows Jane and Madeline down to the courtyard to apologize to Jane for everything that went down, after learning that Ziggy wasn’t the one who hurt Amabella. Madeline tells Renata how brave of her it was to apologize like that.

When Celeste tries running away from Perry, he grabs her arm but she breaks loose and heads down to the courtyard with Jane, Madeline and Renata. Bonnie (Zoë Kravitz) sees this interaction and seems worried about what’s going down, she follows Perry as he chases after Celeste.

Down at the courtyard, Celeste tries to begin telling the girls what has been happening when Perry runs up and starts begging her to talk to him. Renata tries asking him to calm down but he lashes out and says this is between he and his wife.

When Jane first sees Perry, a flashback passes through her and she realizes that Perry is the man that raped her/Ziggy’s father. Everyone’s faces are filled with pure shock as the two of them stare at each other. Perry rushes at Celeste and the show blacks out.

Through a scene of cops and red and blue sirens, it is revealed that Perry is dead. He’s been pushed down the stairs and impaled by the leftover construction rods.

As the women (Celeste, Jane, Madeline, Renata and Bonnie) talk to reporters, none of them say that Perry was killed, they all lie and say that he fell.

It’s revealed through flashbacks that while Perry began hitting all four women, Bonnie rushes into the scene and pushes Perry down the stairs.

A serene ending shows everyone peaceful and together, the women clearly bonded for life over the traumatic experience they all just endured. Whether or not they will ever get over this is unsure but it is clear that these women are there for each other, each of them may have their own problems but at least they’re all safe now.

In what has to go down as one of the greatest episodes of television history, the only thing left to do now is to go and read the book to re-live the excitement and drama of this incredible series. Do yourself a favor and watch this show, it’s worth every single minute. I’m currently on my way to re-watch all seven episodes.

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