Zac Efron treated viewers of Ellen with his personal version of the popular app, “Heads Up!”

The Dirty Grandpa actor decided to wear his leather pants on the show as he played the popular game. In honor of Efron’s new movieand in theaters Friday, co-starring Robert De Niro, Ellen DeGeneres picked the “Bad Behavior” deck on the game and made Efron act out various scenes as she guessed what they were.

The first card was “lap dance” and Efron wasted no time as he jumped and starting thrusting his hips in the host’s direction. DeGeneres guessed the card and flipped to the next one which was “Tinder.” Efron mimicked texting and swiping as DeGeneres guessed “sexting.” Guessing correctly, the next card was “making out” and a bashful Efron started making out with his hand.

When “twerking” appeared next, the audience cheered on the actor and to the audiences’ delight, Efron pointed his rear end towards the audience. The next card was “skinny dipping” and it was evident the audience wanted the famously fit actor to take his shirt off but he kept it PG and mimicked the act. The last card was “handcuffs” but the buzzer sounded before DeGeneres could guess it.

After the game was over, Efron commented on his twerking ability. “I knew what twerking was. I should have just gone for it,” he said. “I should have just gone for the twerking. Whenever anyone tells you to twerk, just do it.”

In addition to playing the card game, Efron was there to promote his new movie, Dirty Grandpa. He explained what it was like working with the legendary De Niro.

“We made a really cool movie. The movie, it’s this road trip comedy about a grandfather and grandson who sort of get roped into going on this crazy adventure. It’s full of heart,” Efron said. “Working with De Niro was really fantastic because I got to get to know the legend, but it was also really awkward at moments cause I’ve seen virtually everything this guy’s done. I mean, I’ve seen every film I can quote him verbatim in half of his movies, if I can even reach half. He’s never seen a single thing that I’ve done, like at all. So every single time we show up to work there’s sort of that awkward moment where it’s like we have to acknowledge that you’re the greatest of all time, and I’m… You know, what could you have possibly even seen that I would have been a part of? High School Musical?”


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