YouTube star Gabriel Conte posted a heartwarming birthday message to his wife, Jess, last week on social media. The 22-year-old welcomed his Australian-born wife into “adulthood” as she turned 21.

The newlyweds both have huge individual followings on YouTube of over a million each. Their joint channel, “Jess and Gabriel” also has over one million subscribers.

The pair met when Jess followed Gabriel on Instagram after seeing him in a SnapChat video. She then direct messaged him on Instagram after finding out they had mutual interests in church. The YouTube star mentioned her upcoming trip to Los Angeles, where he lives. The pair hit it off immediately.

The stars are known for doing creating entertaining YouTube content such as VLOGS, Q&A’s, covers of songs and funny pranks.

They also appear in their fellow friend’s and YouTubers’ videos such as Sebastian Gomez’s and Jacko Brazier.

Already counting down the days till I hang out with my #litfamily again… #friends

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Life's confusing moments… w/ @gabrielconte ??‍♂️??‍♂️

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