William Shatner has been slammed with a $170 million lawsuit filed by radio DJ Peter Sloan, who claims that the Star Trek actor is his biological father.

William Shatner Lawsuit

In his lawsuit, Sloan claims that Shatner had admitted to him in the past that he was his father, but had asked that he not make his paternity public. A rep for Shatner later told Sloan that the actor would not take a DNA test, according to the lawsuit.

Sloan, 59, goes on to claim that he broached the issue again in 2011, suing for a paternity test. In response, Shatner’s legal team claimed he was an “incredibly busy, 80-year-old man, and is not interested in spending time discussing this issue with you,” reported TMZ.

Sloan is seeking $90 million in punitive damages, $50 million for pain and suffering and $30 million in compensatory damages.

Sloan, who is now going by Peter Shatner, believes that Shatner had met his mother in the mid-50s while they were both working on Broadway. He says that Shatner copped to being his father in the mid-80s on the set of T.J. Hooker.

Shatner has not commented on the latest development in the case. But, he has a tweet from May 2015 pinned to his Twitter feed that pointedly reads, “My children are my life. I have three kids in total; Leslie, Lisabeth & Melanie. They are my reason to get up & live each day to the fullest.”

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